We live and breathe PHP! 90% of our 35+ developers work with PHP development on a daily basis. Contact one of our consultants to discover how our 14 years of PHP experience can be put to use.

The PHP programming language is the world’s most popular for development of custom web applications. It is stable and fast. Thanks to its ease of use, developers are productive. LiteBreeze has experience of several PHP frameworks. As of 2017, the Laravel framework, is our favourite. We also know CodeIgniter, Zend framework, Symfony.When selecting a development company to partner with, do a lot of research. PHP is a great choice, but finding and hiring the right experts is difficult.

We provide custom website design services tailored to your requirement. We are a one stop solution for designing, developing and maintaining a web presence that matters to your business. You can select the most appropriate service(s) for your business from those mentioned below. In case you are not sure how to make the right choice, we are here to help you understand the technical aspect of the scope of work and estimate its cost.

PHP is open source and free

Programmers don’t need to buy an IDE, licenses or expensive web hosting to run their PHP applications. This is one reason why so many software developers choose PHP when they need to build custom web applications. MySQL is most often chosen as database to accompany PHP, for the same reasons.

If you choose to develop your system or web application with PHP, it’s very easy to plug into a wide array of services, APIs, libraries, components etc. This saves developers’ time and your money.

For the reasons mentioned, PHP has become a very popular programming language. Therefore the pool of talented developers, architects and consultants have grown large. For clients this means lower prices. And as a client you are not “locked in” with one single development company.


Ease of use and simplicity

A PHP software developer does not need a “heavy” and complex IDE (tool in which the code is developed and edited). Newly graduated software engineers can quickly learn the language as it’s similar to most languages they’ve studied. PHP is simple, yet very powerful.