About Coty Register Email Template

Basic Guidline

As I've described above, the biggest challenge with developing an HTML email template, is making sure it's cross-platform-compatible. There are so many email clients such as Google Mail, Apple Mail, Outlook, AOL, Thunderbird, Yahoo!, Hotmail, Lotus Notes and etc. Some of these clients and others are light years behind the eight-ball in terms of CSS support, which means we must resort to using HTML tables to control the design layout if we really want our email template to display consistently for every user. In fact, using HTML tables is the only way to achieve a layout that will render consistently across different mail clients. Think of the template as being constructed of tables within tables within tables...

Secondly, we must use inline CSS to control elements within your email, such as background colors and fonts. CSS style declarations should be very basic, without use of any CSS files. To emphasize the HTML tables rule above, see the example below, where I've modified the border attribute of each table to be visible. Please note that the %s is a placeholder where dynamic text and images will be filled as I'll see soon describe (Scroll to the end to see the final email template):